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About Mark Blei


Although best known for his academy award winning films, Mark Blei is also known for his recent address at the United Nations and his fourth quarter touchdown pass in last January's Superbowl.

Dr. Blei has published extensively on quantum mechanical electromagnetic relativity theories, and his best selling romance novel has been translated into twelve languages.

For the past three years his original Broadway musical has played to standing room only crowds.

Professor Blei's negotiations were credited with ending the Freemen standoff in Montana, and he was the first to apply Markov-chain models to global circulation, resulting in vastly more accurate climatic predictions. 

His Nobel prize acceptance speech emphasized the unity of all mankind; his competition at Wimbledon demonstrated his great sportsmanship; his recent discoveries in alpha-site keratanose shows great promise for reducing certain tumors.


He has broken a KGB spy ring, starred in three television documentaries, testified at numerous congressional hearings, and received the coveted Gold Star for good attendance at Public School 107 in Queens NY . 

His face is engraved on the coins of several Asian countries. When not teaching science to underprivileged inner city children, Senator Blei can be found playing ten simultaneous chess matches or squeezing lumps of bituminous coal into diamonds.

But despite all this, he has yet to fulfill his mother's lifelong desire to see him get mentioned in People Magazine. "I almost made it recently," he laments, "but I got beat out by a sky-diving poodle." 

No, seriously


I grew up in New York City,  15 years ago I fell in love with a Canadian woman and her three kids that I met on totalfark.com  ( the woman, not the kids). Like all long distance relationships do,it got to the point where either someone had to move or the relationship wasn't going to last. So I moved to Canada and have never regretted it for one second unless I'm looking for Pizza , Asian food or Fruity Pebbles ( which are banned in Canada because of some minor issue with cancer causing red dye).

My wife is my best friend and I have 3 wonderful stepchildren ( triplets!), two of which are severely autistic and one who is not . However my one non autistic child is in her early 20's and I've come to realize that being that age in and of itself is sort of a mental disability in it's own right.  

My career has mostly been in sales and marketing for either the travel industry or in online advertising and online advertising research. I currently work at a office & toner supply company in Guelph Ontario where I've lived for almost 10 years

Other Stuff

  I’m a great lover of books and have thousands on my Kindle. I’m most content when I’m reading a fantastic Science Fiction book and when I know I have another wonderful book to read after the first one.  I would be very interested in any recommendations for Sci Fi books you might have. I also love reading history and biographies especially. You’ll not be surprised then that I’m a great lover of Star Trek . That and The Hitchhikers Guide to The Galaxy has been instrumental in forming some of my deepest philosophies 

I have a great love of travel and have traveled around extensively, my favourite way to do that is by ship. I once figured it out and found out I’ve spent nearly 2 years of my life as a passenger on either a cruise or cargo ship.  I find being at sea nearly a spiritual experience.

My step-daughter Kirsten and I spend free evenings watching various type of “Lock Up” type prison show’s and I have a cat which trust me if you ever see how much I spoil and cater to it, you would think I have an almost psychiatric obsession with it, which I suppose is accurate. 

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